Lift Chairs & Medicare


Medicare will not cover the entire cost of your lift chair.  However, in certain circumstances they may provide reimbursement for the seat lift mechanism located within your chair. If you qualify, reimbursement can be up to 300 dollars.

Medicare rules, as listed at, are:

  1. A seat lift mechanism may be covered if a person is not able to stand up from any chair in his/her home. The person must be able to walk, once they reach a standing position.
  2. The fact that a patient has trouble or is unable to get up from a chair, even a low chair, does not justify the need for a seat lift.
  3. The patient must have severe arthritis of the hip or knee or have a severe neuromuscular disease. The seat lift mechanism must be part of the doctor’s course of treatment and be prescribed to improve, or prevent deterioration of, the patient’s condition.
  4. A seat lift mechanism gently raises and slightly tilts the chair to raise the person from a sitting position to a standing position.
  5. Medicare only covers seat lift mechanisms that operate smoothly, can be controlled by the patient, and assist the patient in standing up without other help.
  6. Medicare covers only a seat lift mechanism, not the cost of an entire chair.

To have your claim processed you need three items: a receipt for your purchase, a certificate of medical necessity, and a doctor's prescription. We will send you a receipt after you make a purchase with us. The certificate of medical necessity can be downloaded from us and then taken to your doctor to be filled out. When you have all three documents, please send them to your local Medicare claims office for processing.