Titan Incline Platform Lift

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The AmeriGlide Titan Incline Platform Lift is a unique mobility device that offers an alternative to vertical platform lifts and stair lifts.  For customers who need to travel among different levels of their home with their mobility scooter or wheelchair, but don’t have the space to accommodate a vertical platform lift, the Titan is the perfect solution.  While this powerful lift can carry a variety of mobility devices and comes with a 500 pound weight capacity, it is also lightweight enough to be easily installed by one person!  You can enjoy improved mobility and the freedom to travel with your mobility device without having to make major renovations to your home.  

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Options Available for the Titan Incline Platform Lift

  • Information
    • Please Call For More Information  $0.00
  • Track Length
    • Up To 16' Feet Included  $0.00
    • Additional Foot Of Track - Includes Track, Handrail, & Mounting Brackets  $149.00
  • Orientation (looking UP the staircase)
    • Rail On The Left  $0.00
    • Rail On The Right  $0.00
  • Platform
    • 25" x 36" Straight Thru (requires at least a 36" wide stair case)  $0.00
    • 27.5" x 36" Straight Thru (requires at least a 38" wide stair case)  $460.99
    • 27.5" x 36" 90 Degree Adjacent Access (requires at least a 42" wide stair case)  $767.99
  • Controls
    • Constant Pressure Platform Control  $0.00
    • IR Wireless Call Send Control  $0.00
  • Options
    • Key Lock - Unit Only - Disables All Controls  $146.99
    • Fold Down Seat  $460.99
    • Free-Standing Post Kit - Requires One Post Every Two Treads  $269.00
    • Emergency Stop Button  $152.99
    • Outdoor Package  $1,075.99
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