AmeriGlide Platinum Curved Stair Lift - Demo

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A demo model of the AmeriGlide Platinum Curved Stair Lift will look and function just like a new lift and will save you thousands!

  • Demo models are exclusively used at trade shows and for onsite demonstrations
  • Track is completely new and custom designed to fit your staircase
  • Every model comes with the same warranty as a new lift:  5 years on components and 10 years on the drive train
  • Each lift is thoroughly inspected and tested before being made available to customers
  • Will look and operate like new!


Essentially, purchasing a demo model provides you with new lift at a discounted price.

Whether you have multiple landings, a spiral staircase, 90-degree, 180-degree, or anything else, we can customize a Platinum Stair Lift perfectly for your unique staircase. The Platinum has a 264 lb. weight capacity and a multitude of options available so that it will blend into your home seamlessly. Two seat options are available in either "classic" or "ergo" as well as a choice between three different colors. When your stair lift isn't in use, the footrest can be folded away either manually or electronically, leaving plenty of room for your guests and other members of your household to use the stairs as they normally would.

The top priority of AmeriGlide is always safety, so just like with all of our stair lifts, this lift comes with a retractable seatbelt, pressure sensitive carriage and footrest, as well as a swivel seat that makes sitting and standing up from the lift easy and comfortable.  Additional sensors that are capable of detecting any hazardous obstructions are located on the lift as well as the track.  A key lock prevents grandkids and other authorized users from improperly using your lift..

The Platinum Stair Lift by AmeriGlide is our most impressive stair lift yet, and we're pleased to bring it to you at an even more affordable price with the demo model.

To order or learn more about the demo Platinum Stair Lift, contact one of our stair lift experts today!

Drive Type350W Rack and Pinion Drive
Battery PoweredYes
Self InstallableNo
Basic Installation IncludedYes
Standard Capacity264 lb
Max Track Length, Standard19'
Track MaterialTwin Tube Steel Rail
Seat Width, Min17.7"
Swivel SeatYes
Swivel Seat RotationTop Only
Flip-Up SeatYes
Flip-Up ArmrestsYes
Constant Pressure ControlsYes
Footrest Safety SensorYes
Call Stations IncludedYes-Wireless
Digital Diagnostics DisplayYes
Unit Footprint, In Use25.6"
Unit Footprint, Parked14.3"

Curved Stair Lift Return Policy

Each curved stair lift must be custom manufactured to suit the unique requirements of the site. The unit is manufactured to the exact dimensions of the site application as determined by the digital survey and no two applications are alike. Lifts go into factory production immediately upon submission of the order to the factory which is after customer signs off on the CAD drawing. Accordingly, AmeriGlide has a substantial investment in resources and labor and as such we have a 25% cancellation fee for any order cancelled after the measurement survey but prior to submission for production, 50% once the lift is in production. Once a custom stair lift order has been shipped it cannot be canceled or returned. The shipment cannot be refused. No refund will be made for orders of this status.

* CT, MI and WA customers please check your local inspection regulations for stair lifts.
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Platinum Curved Stair Lift Installs

Options Available for the AmeriGlide Platinum Curved Stair Lift - Demo

  • Seat Color
    • Beige  $0.00

      Beige AmeriGlide Platinum Stair Lift Chair Option
    • Red  $0.00

      Red AmeriGlide Platinum Stair Lift Chair Option
    • Blue  $0.00

      Blue AmeriGlide Platinum Stair Lift Chair Option
  • Seat Style
    • Ergo  $0.00

      Classic Platinum Stair Lift Seat Option
    • Classic  $0.00

      CLASSIC Platinum Stair Lift Seat Option
    • Ergo Plus  $0.00

      Ergo Platinum Stair Lift Seat Option
  • Control Location
    • We can put the controls on either arm to suit you.  $0.00

      Ergo Platinum Stair Lift Seat Option
    • Left Side  $0.00

      No Image
    • Right Side  $0.00

      No Image
  • Optional Seat Features
    • Wireless Radio Call/Send Remote  $0.00

      No Image
    • Powered Swivel  $592.00

      No Image
    • Powered Footrest  $370.00

      No Image
    • Offset Footplate  $60.00

      No Image
    • Extra Call/Send Remote  $60.00

      No Image
  • Turn Style
    • 90° Flat Turn  $0.00

      No Image
    • 90° Spiral Turn  $0.00

      No Image
    • 90° Large Radius Turn  $0.00

      No Image
    • 180° Flat Turn  $592.00

      No Image
    • 180° Spiral Turn  $592.00

      No Image
    • 180° Large Radius  $592.00

      No Image
  • Additional Track
    • Additional Rail per ft. (comes standard with 19' included)  $71.00

      No Image
    • Spiral Section (One section required for every 2 steps)  $515.00

      No Image
    • Additional 90° bend (If you need a 180° bend you will need to purchase two 90° bends here)  $592.00

      No Image
    • Special non 90° bend  $977.00

      No Image
  • Top Landing Options
    • Standard Top Landing  $0.00

      Standard Top Landing
    • Top Over-Run Landing  $119.00

      Top Over-Run Landing
  • Bottom Landing Options
    • Standard Bottom Landing  $0.00

      Standard Bottom Landing
    • Bottom Over-Run Landing  $119.00

      Bottom Over-Run Landing
    • Nose Drop  $148.00

      Nose Drop
  • Optional Rail Features
    • Intermediate Landing  $238.00

      No Image
    • Additional Charge Point  $132.00

      No Image
  • Heavy Duty Upgrade
    • Standard Platinum Stair Lift  $0.00

      No Image
    • Heavy Duty Upgrade  $1,777.00

      No Image
  • Installation
    • Measurement and Installation  $0.00

      No Image
  • Installation Special Cases
    • Installation On Concrete, Steel, or Tile Stairs is available.  $0.00

      No Image
    • Due to the customizable nature of this product pricing will vary, please call our educated sales team to get a quote.  $0.00

      No Image
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