AmeriGlide Walk In Tubs

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Price - We guarantee that you won't find a lower price on a comparable walk in tub anywhere else. We list every tub model's dimensions and features along with a set price point, allowing you to pick which package best suits your needs and your budget. Additional features are also clearly priced, and you can add or remove them prior to checkout to determine what is most cost-effective for your needs.

Quality - AmeriGlide walk in tubs are built using Marine-grade materials, stainless steel frames, and acrylic or triple gel-coated fiberglass shells. Limited warranties included on all Sanctuary Walk In Tubs and components.

Safety - Our walk in tubs are engineered for user safety with low step-in height and ADA-compliant seats as well as anti-slip surfacing and warrantied door seals that prevent leaks from causing slip hazards.

Walk In Tub FAQs

What kind of warranty do AmeriGlide walk in tubs include?

Each AmeriGlide walk in tub comes with a generous warranty. We provide a one year parts and labor warranty to cover the critical first year when most problems will occur. Also, the door seal comes with a 25 year warranty, meaning you never have to worry about a leaky walk-in tub. 

How easy are walk in tubs to install?

While it is possible to install your walk in tub by yourself, we recommend hiring a professional to do the job. The installation process includes several tricky steps including removing your old tub, repairing your floor, installing the GFI circuit, and hooking up the water line. AmeriGlide cannot install your walk in tub, but we can provide local references for qualified plumbers or contractors in your area. If you do decide to install your walk in tub yourself, you can find a short installation guide that can help you get started. 



  • Anti-slip surfaces will help prevent falls and ensure safety
  • All products are ADA compliant and designed to increase safety and mobility
  • Most models are equipped with additional grab bars for extra user stability
  • Extensive warranties
  • Door seals that come with a 25 year, leak proof warranty
  • Optional air and/or water jet systems on some models
  • Price:  we guarantee the absolute lowest prices
  • Stainless steel frame and acrylic or triple gel-coated fiberglass for unbeatable quality


Browse our selection and place your order online, or call 1-800-347-9076 to speak with a bath safety specialist who will guide you through the process of building your own walk in tub package!